Creative Thermal Solutions, Urbana

  • Location: Urbana, IL
  • Completed: 2006 - 2014
  • Architect: Gaylord Swisher
  • Project included Project Visioning, Design-Build, Rough & Finish Carpentry, VP Metal Buildings, Concrete paving, and more

In 2005, Barber & DeAtley, Inc. was hired to construct a single metal building for Creative Thermal Solutions.  Over the next decade, with design-build by Barber & DeAtley, Inc., Creative Thermal Solutions would grow from a lab inside a house to 5 separate buildings totaling more than 100,000 square feet of laboratory space, spread across more than 7 acres of land.

Services provided by Barber & DeAtley, Inc. included project visioning, design-build, general contracting, site development, subdivision, zoning updates and annexation assistance, earthwork, concrete paving, structural concrete, rough carpentry, finish carpentry including doors, trim, hardware, and casework, mezzanine installation, and more.

Creative Thermal Solutions is a great example of the dedication to our customers, and the ongoing relationship that Barber & DeAtley, Inc. provides to our clients.

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